Selection of works.

Below you will find some of the works I have been involved with over the past 4-5 years. Assembling these meant I had to dig through quite the folder structure where I found a lot of old designs that I had forgotten about myself.

A lot of them didn't make the cut ;)

(2009) Iceland Doctors Association

A quick sketch for the IDA website, but the black ultimately felt too risqué for the website's objective.

(2009) Remote Jr (app)

These designs were made for Remote Jr., an iPhone app making it possible to access your computer from anywhere, take control of it and remotely stream to the iPhone whatever is on the computer screen at any time. Groundbreaking at the time (2009), no effort was spared in getting the design pixel-perfect. The accompanying diamond logo came in blue and yellow shades, indicating the full version and the free one, respectively.

(2009) Remote Jr (www)

I created the template for Remote Jr's accompanying website.

(2011) Heilbrigðisvörur

Logo design for an importer of medical equipment.

(2011) TRI

TRI is Iceland's importer of CUBE-bicycles as well as a general sporting goods store. These screenshots are of a mockup which eventually got translated to code but since adapted to have a primarily white background. The TRI-logo is not my design.

(2012) Össur

Össur is the world's second largest manufacturer of prosthetics and orthopedic medical equipment. I did a complete redesign for their site which got implemented for 15+ sites globally. I was also tasked with the creation of a Bionics-subsite which both got embedded in the global website style, as well as having it's own design emphasizing the gray color of the products' brushed aluminum.

(2012) Landshypotek Bank

Landshypotek Bank was founded in 1836 and just recently revamped its entire system infrastructure. With the transition to the SAP financial system came the need to re-brand an existing internet bank, for which I was given just 3 days in which to meet with stakeholders, plan and carry out a prototype of the remake. The bank has since undergone a major change in branding (including changing the logo) so this design is no longer in production.

(2012) AGCO Finance

AGCO specializes in financing of farming equipment. These designs are for an internal system where financing deals are created, offers made and documents printed. This had a requirement of working properly in Internet Explorer 8 and newer, which severely limited the layout and design options we had to play with.

(2013) ART (AGCO Reporting Tool)

ART is a web-based reporting tool for the deals created in AGCO Finance. Originally built with heavy use of DevExpress components, the redesign eliminated a lot of those which made the UI much more approachable. Again, this is an internal website so time and resources were limited in this project.